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Welcome To Hartho Technologies

In operation since 2011, Hartho Tech is on call for all your video conferencing and audio visual equipment, installation and maintenance needs.

We work exclusively with trusted brands and use only the finest technology to ensure our clients have clear, consistent communication.

Hartho Tech has the technical competence and experience to help businesses with day-to-day video conferencing and IT needs, in executive boardrooms, conference venues, offices and hired venues.

Our staff are available to consult on equipment selection, installation needs, equipment hire, services and maintenance.

To find out more about how Hartho Tech can ensure your organisation is up to date with the latest in video conferencing and audio visual technology, please contact us.

Hartho Tech Is A Proud Member Of

Our Team


Solution Development and Delivery 
Serves as a technical expert representative across teams and clients.
Offers technical support across practices in offering definition and positioning.
Suggests alternative technical solutions to meet client requirements more efficiently.
Technical Effort Management
Promotes and co-ordinates technical knowledge harvesting within the organisation.
Defines, communicates and enforces service standards.
Manages multiple technical teams within budget and project schedule.
Tracks and identifies new opportunities to improve our methodology and training offerings.
Assists in strategic sales efforts from a technical perspective.
Consistently delivers high quality services to our clients.